Nanobody-tethered tagmentation followed by sequencing (NTT-seq) is a multimodal single-cell method capable of measuring multiple histone modifications in a single cell.

NTT-seq uses nanobody-Tn5 fusion proteins to tether Tn5 to regions of chromatin, similar to CUT&Tag. You can read more about NTT-seq in our recent publication:

Tim Stuart, Stephanie Hao, Bingjie Zhang, Levan Mekerishvili, Dan Landau, Silas Maniatis, Rahul Satija, and Ivan Raimondi. 2022. Nanobody-Tethered Transposition enables multifactorial chromatin profiling at single-cell resolution. Nature Biotechnology. doi:10.1038/s41587-022-01588-5